5 Tips to Prevent Razor Burn

Shaving the right way helps to prevent skin irritation, redness, or razor burn.

Apply lubricant before shaving

Shaving on dry skin can easily get a burn or a red spot. Therefore, you should use gels, creams, or shaving oils to help the razor glide smoothly and reduce the risk of cutting into your skin.

Do not shave in the opposite direction of your hair development

Shaving against the direction of hair growth brings the blade closer to the skin’s surface, thereby removing hair more effectively. However, this habit increases the risk of the razor cutting into the skin.

Skin care after shaving

Besides washing off excess lubricant on the skin, you should use more aftershave skin care products. These products have antiseptic and astringent properties while reducing burning. You can apply an unscented lotion to provide moisture, leaving it soft and supple.

Change the blade regularly

You should replace the blade after about 5-7 shaves. The razor is dull due to too long use, causing you to pull hard and leading to scratching the skin. To make the razor last longer, rinse the tip after shaving with warm water and store it in a dry place.

Periodic exfoliation

Exfoliating dead skin cells unclog pores, preventing congestion and breakouts. In addition, the above habits also help you to easily shave close, prevent ingrown hairs, and smooth skin after shaving.

The above information is the standard way of shaving that you need to know. Shaving in the wrong way is easy to cause skin bleeding and infection that creates conditions for inflammatory acne to develop.

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